A very common question among men of all ages and women is does Rogaine really work. For men and women alike losing your hair or going bald can be a troubling circumstance. Nobody wants to see their head full of hair suddenly start to thin out. Cosmetically speaking it can be very emotionally devastating as your hair slowly falls out. Consequently people have for hundreds of years have searched for a cure for baldness and general hair loss. So far in the United States there are only two FDA approved treatments for hair loss Rogaine and Propecia. As a side note minoxidil is Rogaine in generic form. So after considerable research I decided to try Rogaine before anything else.In the future I might incorporate Propecia and a laser comb.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

NIZORAL ketoconazole 2 Percent Shampoo

I believe in the post before this one I stated I was having the minoxidil side effect of increased acne. Well the acne hasn’t got any worse however I still get them. Funny enough I seem to get more acne towards the backside of my head for some reason and at times it can be quite painful. It’s the type of acne that swells up and hangs around for a while. Unfortunately now in combination with the acne my entire scalp is becoming very itchy. It started with occasional itching so I didn’t really pay too much attention to it.

However now it’s much more noticeable and bothersome. I constantly feel some itchiness throughout the day and it gets very annoying at times. At this point I’m not sure if the itchiness has something to do with the acne or is a completely separate issue. After some further research on Rogaine side effects it turns out I am not alone, many people in fact either get acne breakouts or various degrees of itchiness on the head. In terms of treatments there is various do-it-yourself type of treatment advice you can find online.

One treatment which seems to be helping the majority people and seems to have a side benefit of increased hair growth as well is usage of NIZORAL 2% / ketoconazole 2% shampoo. In simple terms the shampoo is supposed to help because it is a topical antifungal agent/ DHT Blocker. In some studies NIZORAL grew about as much hair as minoxidil 2% on its own. In the United States it’s very hard to find NIZORAL; a lot of people tend to buy it from overseas. I am deftly going to give it a try; I am going to try to procure NIZORAL 2% from an online source or even eBay. From what I’ve heard some people were able to buy it directly from eBay from an overseas seller. I will for sure give an update once I’ve used it for little while.

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