A very common question among men of all ages and women is does Rogaine really work. For men and women alike losing your hair or going bald can be a troubling circumstance. Nobody wants to see their head full of hair suddenly start to thin out. Cosmetically speaking it can be very emotionally devastating as your hair slowly falls out. Consequently people have for hundreds of years have searched for a cure for baldness and general hair loss. So far in the United States there are only two FDA approved treatments for hair loss Rogaine and Propecia. As a side note minoxidil is Rogaine in generic form. So after considerable research I decided to try Rogaine before anything else.In the future I might incorporate Propecia and a laser comb.

Friday, January 2, 2015

How Does Rogaine Make Your Hair Feel

I don’t know what has better absorption rates Rogaine liquid or the foam. However I do know one thing, at least for me Rogaine liquid really sucks if you like to stylize your hair. Like I mentioned in the previous post I am not a morning person and I have to wake up much earlier than I normally would these days in order to have enough time for the Rogaine liquid to dry up. Liquid minoxidil feels really greasy right out of the bottle; I would really suggest trying not getting any minoxidil on your fingers or hand if at all possible. There are a couple reasons why you want to limit your exposure to the minoxidil other than your scalp.

You do not want to potentially expose any skin on your face or fingers to minoxidil because there is the potential of unwanted hair growth. It is possible to grow or accelerate hair growth on any spot exposed to minoxidil liquid or foam on the body. Besides spending so much time trying not to spill any minoxidil on the sides of my head or on myself, it also makes styling your hair pretty cumbersome as well. You going to have to spend time learning how to apply the medication in the correct amount, you do not want to over saturate your hair and scalp.

Over saturating your scalp with minoxidil will cause difficulty in combing your hair and lead to unwanted side effects down the road. Rogaine needs to be used carefully in order to help prevent any side effects from occurring. Unfortunately even after applying Rogaine in the correct amounts my hair is left with a sticky sometimes stiff residue like feel to it. Anyhow overall it’s not too bad and if it actually help’s to regrow any of my lost hair or even prevent new hair loss it would be well worth it in the end. The bottom line is minoxidil will make grooming yourself take longer keep this in mind before trying it for the very first time, especially before getting ready for work. I still have a lot of hair so I’m able to style my hair different ways, however if you have minimal hair or use a simple hairstyle then grooming time shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you.

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