A very common question among men of all ages and women is does Rogaine really work. For men and women alike losing your hair or going bald can be a troubling circumstance. Nobody wants to see their head full of hair suddenly start to thin out. Cosmetically speaking it can be very emotionally devastating as your hair slowly falls out. Consequently people have for hundreds of years have searched for a cure for baldness and general hair loss. So far in the United States there are only two FDA approved treatments for hair loss Rogaine and Propecia. As a side note minoxidil is Rogaine in generic form. So after considerable research I decided to try Rogaine before anything else.In the future I might incorporate Propecia and a laser comb.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I Did Not Purchase Rogaine

Just for the record I did not go and purchase Rogaine for myself in fact even though I have a bit of a bald spot in the back of my head it never really bothered me that much. However my brother-in-law who happens to be totally bold was given a couple bottles of Rogaine for his birthday. For better or worse he flat out refused to use it and ended up giving it to me to try out. At that point I said what the hell it’s free I’ll give it a shot and was given three bottles of Rogaine which is about a three month supply. So I figured if I see any improvement in three months I’ll continue using the minoxidil.

I have helped family and friends with their own blogs and other websites and since I have some knowledge in this I decided why not blog about my experience and results with Rogaine. I plan to document my usage of Rogaine including all the positives as well as all the negative effects upon my hair. I am a regular consumer and in no shape or manner have any connections with Rogaine whatsoever. I am merely documenting my results in order to possibly help others who are thinking about trying Rogaine for the first time.

Initially like I said I’ll start with Rogaine however once my three month supply finishes and I determine want to continue using Rogaine I will just buy the generic form minoxidil. From what most people tell me and from what I’ve read online the generic works just as fine as the brand name. Essentially whatever brand is cheapest and on sale is what I am going to purchase. Currently the status of my hair is not bad at all, I have a full head of hair though not as thick as I would like. However in the back of my head I have a bald spot in the usual area where most men begin to lose the hair. At the very least am hoping to stop it from progressing anymore and if possible to regrow some hair would be fantastic.

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